Yummy Chicken Meatball Kabobs

Chicken Meatball, Pineapple, Pepper, Eggplant and Red Onion Kabobs:

Yeah! It’s Friday! It’s beautiful outside and I’m feeling good!

Feeling good about working toward all my goals and my families goals.  Our projects are moving to the next level: vegetable garden started, spring cleaning well on it’s way and keeping my workout and diet goals on point! I’m thankful just to be able to put this in words.

Tonight is our friday night family hang session. We play great music, make a fun dish and party with the kids and whomever else drops by.  Tonight I’m making these fun kabobs.

I bought the Aidells Chicken Meatballs at Costco a few weeks ago and had them in the freezer. I didn’t know really what to make with them but here it is Ali in the Valley’s Chicken Meatball, Pineapple, Red & Green Pepper, Eggplant and Red Onion Kabobs.  Delicious!

Have a great relaxing weekend!

Ali in the Valley

Photo by: Ali

Chicken Meatballs Kabobs Recipe:


1 small pineapple, sliced and cut into medium squares 1 medium eggplant, sliced and cut into medium squares 1 red pepper and 1 green pepper, large diced 1 small red onion, large diced 1 pkg. (20 meatballs) of Aidells Chicken Meatballs (Teriyaki & Pineapple) sold at Costco in a 2 pack 2 Tbl. fresh rosemary, minced (optional) 2 Tbl. olive oil &  2 Tbl. of teriyaki sauce 10 – 12 bamboo skewers, long salt and pepper to taste


Soak the bamboo skewers in water for at least 15 minutes. This helps to prevent the sticks from burning in the oven.

Aidells Chicken Meatballs are cooked.  Alternate the vegetables and chicken along the bamboo skewers. Drizzle the olive oil and teriyaki sauce over the prepared kabobs. Season with salt and pepper.

Turn oven broiler on high and place the chicken/veggies kabobs in for 10 to 15  minutes while turning every few minutes. The chicken kabobs should be lightly burnt and vegetables should be crisp and tender. Serve with couscous.

Makes 10 – 12 kabobs. I usually plan 2 – 3 kabobs per person.

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