Why I took a break from Blogging

Why I took a break from Blogging…

I don’t know if anyone besides my most loyal fans (aka my family and best friends) have noticed, but I took a pretty big break from blogging. A long much needed break!

The break started out unintentionally. I was bogged down by other responsibilities, and in the little free time I had, I found it tough to motivate myself to do anything besides the bare minimum for my blog. The writer’s block was really real, and I was on the struggling to come up with new content.

I kept putting things off. I kept telling myself I would finally publish that post “tomorrow” except “tomorrow” kept getting pushed back, and I kept stressing about it. Eventually I just decided to be intentional about my break and simply enjoy it with no guilt looming over me.

So why did I take a break from blogging?

The simple answer would be because I needed it to prevent a complete and total burnout, but the real answer was much deeper than the occasional bout of laziness and writer’s block.

I got bored with blogging just about recipes.  I knew that I wanted to grow my blog into all aspects of my life, from my career in music technology at TuneGo, traveling, motherhood, health, fitness, shopping, and everything else I do in my very crazy life.

Basically a crazy Lifestyle Blog!  Oh and way more video blogs or vlogs! It took a minute to figure out my next steps but the most important thing that I learned on my hiatus was that I missed blogging and was frustrated not doing it.

So here we go into the next chapter of Ali in the Valley!  And please let me know what you like to read more about here at Ali in the Valley!

I’m excited to be back! 


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