What Mother’s Day Means to Me…

Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day to me is a day of gratefulness! I’m grateful to have my two babies! Both came with their challenges, however, I rarely talk about it because I don’t like to whine about things that we have the power to change. While both our kids have had their own struggles they are doing quite well but it’s taken real dedication and hard work from not only me but my dedicated and uplifting husband.

Our son Tyler, who will be 9 years old in a week, was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2 years old.  This, all while I was pregnant with Aliyah whom popped out of me at 26 weeks of pregnancy. Hmm, I wonder why? Aliyah was 1 pound 13 oz when she was born and as she entered the world the doctor said to me (after 3 days of laying upside down and being pumped with steroids to get Aliyah’s premature lungs ready for early delivery), “don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear her yelp because she will probably have to be resuscitated to get her lungs working,” but to everyone’s surprise Aliyah came out yelling! Yep, that’s my girl strong and conquering the world.  She hasn’t missed a beat since, even though her first three months of life where spent in the neonatal unit at Cedars.

Tyler’s autism journey has been an ongoing, never ending science project but by God, he’s thriving and doing amazing with all the “Team Tyler” work we’ve done. He’s in a normal public classroom setting with a behaviorist and is performing extremely well in 3rd grade on his way to 4th grade. He’s very popular at school with girls who claim him as their boyfriend and his guy friends invite him to all their parties. He’s in choir, plays the trumpet and the piano. He rides his BMX bike like a pro, plays basketball, skateboards, roller skates and trains dogs. There is no challenge that Tyler isn’t able to overcome! He’s the hardest working kid I’ve ever seen! Don’t tell him he can’t do it because he knows he can!

I’m thankful to be both Tyler and Aliyah’s Mom as well as Mother to our amazing pets, old dog Chester and leader of the pack Kasha as well as many more untrained dogs that come through our doors for proper parenting.  Is our life perfect?  Hell no, but it’s wonderful! The hardest job in the world is being a Mother! Being a Mom has made me a better person all around. I have learned patience, strength, unselfishness, dedication, compassion, how never to give up, to be soft and hard all at the same time and the power of love! Love for another that I never knew how deep could be until I had these two monsters.

Through Tyler and Aliyah births I was reborn myself into Mother Warrior Queen.  The queen of my household and that these two children represent my abilities to teach.  I am proud of who they are so far!

Most important, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge or know how if it wasn’t for my own amazing and powerful mother.  My mother taught me that anything you want you can achieve with hard work and patience!

So to all my Mother Warrior Queens, we are the leaders of the future by the way we raise our children!

Have A Wonderful and Relaxed Mother’s Day! 

Ali in the Valley

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