What I Ate in Nashville!

It’s been a busy few months but way back in the beginning of May, I flew down to good old Nashville, Tennessee with my colleagues at TuneGo for the Music Biz Conference 2019. Great conference, great contacts but this blog is really about…What I Ate In Nashville!

My colleague Marcus and I about to bored our plane to Nashville. Lets Go!

I don’t think it’s a huge surprise that the thing I was looking forward to the most in Nashville was the food. I know it’s Music City and all, but HOT CHICKEN! It’s supposed to be the best food in Nashville.

When it comes to fun filled  getaways, Nashville is perfect for food-lovers.  It was an action packed four days but one thing is for sure is I will be returning to Nashville and will pencil in more time to see more of this exciting city.  The list of delicious eats and fun things to do in Nashville are endless!  And with all the growth and new buildings opening, to say that the city is booming is an understatement. Now I can’t wait to go back!

We kicked off our first night eating at Edley’s Bar-B- Que because we were jonesing for Que and since it was Sunday night when we arrived, most places were closed.  We managed to start our endless BBQ consumption right away.

I became obsessed with my new favorite side dish fried pickles. I’m so in love with them fried pickles that I keep making them now that I’m back at home.  Fried Pickles are such a southern thing and they’re served at almost every restaurant in Nashville.

Since it was a work trip, during most of the day we were sequestered at the J.W. Marriott Hotel working at our TuneGo booth.  Yep, that’s right working from the bottom to the top that’s how it’s done in music tech.

Team TuneGo: Marcus, John and myself.

My lunch at J.W. Marriott Hotel was this delicious Salmon BLT sandwich which I will be copying at home soon.

We kicked our second night in Nashville eating at Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint. The Bar-B-Que was on point and there are a few locations to choose from. It’s also been on Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives. We ordered the combination with baby back ribs, pulled pork, chicken and beef, all of it was delicious. 😋

Then the team walked down to lower Broadway for some fun bar hoping. We went from one bar to another down Broadway and there was a different awesome band playing at each one and it wasn’t just country music. It was all kind of music from pop, rock-n-roll and country. The music and performances there were second to none.  Hanging with the team was so much fun and I loved all the different bands and genres of music it was electrifying, I was so excited to see live music everywhere.

While on Broadway you need to see the neon honkey tonk signs which is a must for first-time visitors. But Nashville’s not just for country music fans! Meghan Trainer, Kings of Leon, and The Black Keys all recorded here, so you’re ap to find some great rock-n-roll and pop too.

Next day for a late lunch (to avoid the long line to get in) we went to Hattie’s B’s for their famous Hot Chicken and yes it was hot! Hattie’s B’s is the most famous hot chicken place I ordered one medium hot and one hot piece of chicken to see how hot is hot, and let me tell you I could only eat the medium hot. Lol! I had to wash it all down with a Colt 45! Oh, and here’s a tip to avoid long line, you can call and order ahead for pick up which is would be totally worthwhile and then eat at the tables outside.

Next door to Hattie’s B’s is Gigi’s Cupcakes which I couldn’t walk by with out stopping for some of their yummy cupcakes.  These  cupcakes are like mimi cakes and so darn good.

We didn’t have chance to go to the Grand Ole Opry this trip but next trip it’s a must for any visit to Music City! But we did have a meeting at The Castle Recording Studio which has its own rich heritage in music as well as it was once owned by Al Capone. Every major artist who records in Nashville has spent time at this very unique studio. The grounds are absolutely breath taking!

The next day back to work at Music Biz Conference then we headed to a great lunch at The Row.

Did I say I ate Fried Pickles at almost ever restaurant we went to? Lol!

Then we had Fried Tomatoes, too!

Then I had a BLT with Fried Tomatoes…why not it’s Nashville and at this point I was already way into deep to quit eating now.

Lastly, I had a quick lunch at a Jamaican place when I went to the Tennessee State Museum and I had dinner at Ruth Chris with my old boss which was locate at our hotel The Lowe’s Vanderbilt. I definitely laid a good blueprint on where to grub while in Nashville.

That’s a wrap on my trip to Nashville! I did miss out on a few other great spots but after visiting for four days I know that I will be returning to Nashville again soon. I need to go on diet first because there is no way to not gain 10 pounds after eating all the southern food. I still haven’t gotten my weight off since my return from this gastro adventure. It’s really time to stop making fried pickles at home. Lol!

Have you been to Nashville? What are some things I missed? I’d love to hear your recommendations?

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