Weekend fun in Los Angeles…

I love my Weekend fun in Los Angeles and this weekend was a blast! I did so much over the weekend and it went by way too fast, but those are the types of weekends that I like. I’m a go go go person most of the time and it makes me happy. The only time I sit down to relax is in the morning with my coffee while I work and when I sit down to blog. I actually drive my husband crazy because I’m always wanting to do something! Yikes, that’s why I say I’m Jamaican… because I have 15 jobs…okay, I’m not really Jamaican but I do have more that 15 jobs. Lol!

We spent this weekend rewarding our family with fun times because of how hard we’ve been working at all our business ventures. Our family fun times usually are outside enjoying the beach at one of our favorite beach restaurant’s, and this time we ended up going to MoonShadows. We all lounged on the patio, ordered yummy food and drinks while checking out the beautiful ocean. I ordered the flavorful Miso Cod Fish with Bok Choy and Mushrooms served with brown rice. It was yummy and filling with a glass of Pinot Grois.

Glazed Cod with Bok Choy and Mushrooms

Tyler and Aliyah and Mom’s photography!

Aliyah and I’s selfie!

Saturday night I went solo for some girl time to Objects d Art and Spirit  in Hollywood and hung out with my girlfriend Kirpal who owns this amazing store where I buy the best candles and jewelry or anything else you need to help you with your magical endeavors. We drank great wine at Cheebo which is another favorite restaurants of mine.  The moon was almost full and super beautiful this evening for a fun time out in Hollywood catching up with an old dear friend.

Sunset Saturday night’s Mood!

On Sunday, I meet my family at 26 Beach restaurant for my niece Erin’s 22nd birthday brunch. What a pleasant surprise, I hadn’t been to 26 Beach but it was well worth it and the breakfast was off the hook. I will be returning to this super cute yummy restaurant soon to try out their famous Sushi Burger, but please make sure you make reservations because this place is a hot spot and super busy.

My Fam-Bam in front of 26 Beach

Big Daddy’s Blue Plate w/Chicken wings, French toast, eggs

Polar Bear w/Croissant French Toasts, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, fresh berries, Melba sauce, grated white chocolate

Sunday’s Full Moon

Sunday evening was the Full “Blood” Moon which was absolutely beautiful and ended this weekend perfectly. Sunday’s full moon means that this month rides heavy with creative energies that break through any obstacles all thanks to it’s position in horned Aires. Aggressive and sensual Mars rules the evening, making it a perfect time to tap into your drive for earthly accomplishments. I’m a believer!

Remember to have a little fun!

What did you do this weekend that was fun? 

Ali in the Valley

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