Turn Your Closet into an Office Space!

Updated: May 11

It’s the new year and we all know what that means… Reorganizing!!

I decided that for one of my reorganizing task of 2019, I would turn my hallway walk in closet into a small office! This is something I have seen done on Pinterest many times, and decided it was a great idea for my family and I!

What was once a gathering space for miscellaneous items that I had not found a permanent home for, is the now the perfect space for my kids and/or assistant to work, just a quiet and zen space.

The first step for me was to organize all the items that had gathered in my hall closet. I have just moved into this house a year ago, and things just seemed to find places in random closets and spaces in my home. Now is the time to organize them!! To find actual permanent places for things I need and get rid of this things that I don’t. This step is actually what has taken me the longest (organizing is hard, definitely remembered why I was putting it off) but finally I was ready to move my furniture and cookbook collection in!

I decided that I would create my own desk to fit the space. So I got 3 file cabinets from Target, and a wooden slab at Ikea that fit the closet perfectly! I sure to measure measure the wall to find the perfect dimensions for my table top. The one I found at Ikea was actually made to be a kitchen block! I then found desk chairs at Home Goods and voila, the perfect tiny nook office!

(in process of moving things around)

(a place to store camera equipment and lights)

List of things I needed:

  1. Kitchen block – Ikea

  2. Desk chairs – Home Goods

  3. File Cabinets – Target

You might also need:

  1. Cabinet space

  2. Shelving

  3. Decorations of your choosing!

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