Tips For Working From Home

With the current pandemic going on, and the closures of so many businesses, and offices the number of people in the work-from-home club is exponentially growing.

As I have been working from home for about 15 years, I’m proud to welcome ya’ll in and give you some tips I have learned along the way.

As this virus is currently teaching us, we are all in this together. What affects one, affects all, and I want to make sure I am making a good impact and helping others through this uncertain and scary time.

Make a list of things to do - Days at home can move so quickly, you can get distracted by family and phone calls, and simple chores that you need to accomplish. It’s good to start each day with a list of things you would like to achieve. Mark them off as you go so you can make sure you don’t miss anything.

Make a schedule for the day - Completing tasks can be easier when you do them in blocks. Try to work for a couple of hours, then hang out with the family for a couple of hours, workout, clean for an hour or so, etc. This way you are not trying to do everything at once.

Create time for yourself - It can be easy at home to spend the whole day working, or helping your family, completing tasks that seem never-ending, but always make sure to take 30 minutes to an hour just to be with yourself. Journal, take a bath, meditate, even watch a show.

Don’t work where you sleep - It can be very easy to stay in bed all day and never leave. Work, eat, and sleep from there, but that also will make it harder for you to wind down at the end of the day. You’ll be blending too much of your work with relaxing time. Try to have a designated space in your home where you work, even if it’s at the kitchen table or your couch. You want to have a space that is just about work, and one that is just about relaxing.

Working from home is an adjustment, but it can be accomplished. Who knows you may even like this working from home-thing much better than your office!



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