Thought of the Day…

I had to laughed at myself today…

Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself in order to reprogram your thinking!

LAUGHTER IS THE KEY TO CLARITY! What the heck am I referring to? Okay, I really don’t even know where to start? But the last six months or so I haven’t been able to sleep past 3 am every night and it sucks! I fall asleep around 10 to 11 pm and precisely at 3 am, I’m wide awake and can’t fall back asleep. It’s grueling! I refuse to take any type of sleeping pill, shit I only take Tylenol if absolutely necessary which averages out to 3 times of year, at best. What’s waking me up? Stress, worrying about everything that needs to be done, get done and what I want to accomplish in my life, as well as, for my family. Wow, I said it, endless worry isn’t good for anyone!

So this morning at 4 am, I spontaneously, started laughing at myself and instantly I felt relief flow through body like a lightening bolt from the sky. I feel relieved that all will be okay, no matter what happens. I will live to survive another day and learn from my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly challenges.  Aw, the healing power of laughter and ability to restorative strength of joy! A merry heart is your greatest weapon against deadly emotions.

So don’t forget to laugh at yourself (5 mins of laughter daily is known to prolong ones life)….then pick up and carry on…

Ali in the Valley

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