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I need to get my “shit” together! How about you? Okay, I really need to get my shit together on so many levels but let’s concentrate on one thing at time. I honestly have to admit that I’m not prepared for a natural disaster like I should be! After seeing the earthquake that just happened in Napa Valley the light bulb went off in my head, I’m not prepared for my family of four. I don’t even have enough water for my family to survive a couple of days. And most importantly, I don’t have enough wine, doesn’t everybody need wine just to make it through any tough time?  It’s time to stop making excuses and get prepared, ASAP!  What about you? Are you prepared for what possible natural disaster could hit in your area? Here are a few important food supplies that are on top of my personal shopping list. Lots of canned goods like tuna, chili, lentils, soups, ramen, different sorts of beans, rice, grains and anything else that has a long shelf life. Don’t  forget toilette paper, batteries and flashlights and make sure to put all your supplies somewhere easy to get to in an emergency. I’ll be buying all my supplies over time when things go on sale in my local stores to help me stay on a tight budget.

I think It’s a good idea to put two disaster kits together: one for your car in case a disaster strikes while you are away from the house, and another (supplementary) for the house. The kit for the road should include enough supplies for 2-3 days, and the kit for the house should include enough supplies for 5-7 days. Ladies, take note, I always keep a old pair of tennis shoes in my car, so I don’t get caught out with heels and not having flat shoes that I can walk a distance in just in case a disaster happens while I’m driving.

1. Determine the hazards you could face. For us Californians,the most important are Earthquakes,which I’ve been through many times.Earthquakes are very unnerving but you can get use to them and that’s been my excuse for not being totally prepared! Bad excuse!

2. After you have identified the hazards, write a plan. is a place to start with a plan template in the “Are You Ready” book. Make your plan based on the hazards, ex. earthquake in California not a tsunami.

3. Settle personal details before a disaster happens. All family members should have a contact card listing a meeting place and phone number and a contact information for a friend outside the region with whom family members can check in. All family members should have the number and a phone to call with. Ensure that you have carriers and food for pets. Check your insurance for coverage of emergencies known to strike your area. Take a first aid and CPR courses at a local chapter of your national Red Cross or Red Crescent society .

In Your “Go Bag”

You will need:

1. Two gallons of water per person per day; prepare for a minimum of three days 2. Kitchen matches and large candles 3. An addition a flashlight (besides the one in your Go Bag) 4. Another first aid kit (in addition to the one in your Go Bag) 5. Duct tape and thick plastic to cover windows 6. Extra pet food 7. Extra dry foods such as energy bars, peanut butter and canned goods that don’t require heating; don’t forget a can     opener 8. Fill the bathtub and other large, plastic storage containers with water for bathing and to flush the toilet 9. Refill prescriptions 10. Fill the gas tank in your car in case you need to evacuate at a later date 11. Be sure to have a radio and extra batteries on hand to hear updates on your situation

In the end do your own research and get prepared….

Ali in the Valley

Here’s our own personal disaster in Encino a few years back…Winds kicked up and knocked down our trees. Luckily no trees fell on the house!

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