The Perfect Cheese and Meat Platter for Your Next Party!

Updated: Jan 22

Here’s How To Make A Delicious Cheese and Meat Platter!

A great go-to meat and cheese tray is my favorite go-to party trick. I can put it together in just a few minutes. No stress involved whatsoever. Yet, the meat and cheese board always looks so fancy and appetizing. It even impresses me after I make it despite knowing how easy it is.

A meat and cheese platter is the easiest party food you can put together. There’s no cooking or baking and very minimal prep. When you provide a nice variety of nibbles, all your guests will find something they like. It’s perfect for people who have special diets and picky eaters, too.

In fact, it is my favorite thing to serve because it’s as perfect for every occasion and as a matter of fact I make a cheese platter for every holiday, girl’s night or just when guest drop by the house. In my opinion, every get together or party should always start with a cheese platter of some kind. Sometimes it’s very simple like the one below and other times I go crazy and make really big platters.

Technically, all you need to make a meat and cheese board are the cheese and meats. However, if you want to transform the simple appetizer into a delicious, gourmet experience, that’s also nutritionally beneficial, you can load your platter with other accompaniments such as fresh fruits, nuts, spreads and dips!

Here are some Ingredients for a meat and cheese platter: 1. Gouda, Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Blue Cheese and Pepper Jack Cheeses 2. Peppered Salami, Genoa Salami and Pepperoni 3. Black and Green Olives 4. French Bread, Sour Dough Bread and Crackers

Round out your meat and cheese platter with some fresh and dried fruit and mixed nuts to balance all your flavors. A spreadable herb cheese spread or goat cheese and chutney or preserves are also delicious on a meat and cheese platter. I also included olive oil and pink Himalayan salt. Be sure to set out toothpicks, and a small spoon for your chutney or preserves.

TIP 1: PLAN ON 2-3 OUNCES OF MEAT PER PERSON AND 1-2 OUNCES OF CHEESE PER PERSON. For a party with six guests, plan on 12-15 ounces of meats, and 10 ounces of cheeses.

TIP 2:  SERVE YOUR CHEESES AT ROOM TEMPERATURE FOR BEST FLAVOR. If you choose to put out larger pieces of cheese for guests to cut themselves, provide a different knife for each kind of cheese you are serving.

Tip 3: ITEMS YOU MAY NEED: Serving Trays, Platter or Cheese Board. Cheese Board Paring Knife Ramekins or other small bowls

TIP 3: HOW TO BUILD A MEAT AND CHEESE PLATTER Start with the largest items first such as meat, cheese and bread. Add medium-sized items next such as ramekins. Fill in with smaller items like dried fruit and nuts.

TIP 4: HOW MANY BOTTLES OF WINE DO I NEED? Plan on 2-3 glasses of wine per person. For a small gathering of six friends, I estimated three to four 750ml bottles. For this occasion, I served Rosé, Pinot Grigio, and Red Blend. It’s not a bad idea to grab and extra bottle or two just in case you have an unexpected guest drop-in, or your guests favor one wine over another. Besides, Barefoot Wines also make a great last-minute gift, too! While you’re at the store, grab a couple wine bags just in case!

TIP 5: TIPS FOR A AN AMAZING GET TOGETHER: Having a great play list will set the tone of your party. Do you want to be fun and funky or sophisticated?

Serve foods that can be picked up in one hand so that guests don’t have to find a place to set down their drink in order to eat.

To keep bottles of wine chilled, fill a large tub with salted ice water and set the bottles inside.

Always have non-alcoholic options on hand for those that would prefer it.

Prevent guests from crowding around a table of food by placing things in different areas.

I need a cheese platter now!

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