The Paloma Cocktail

The Paloma is a Mexican favorite cocktail. Made with grapefruit juice and silver tequila the Paloma is arguably more refreshing than a Margarita.  This bright citrus drink is the perfect weekend cocktail and even though it's not the weekend yet, it is Cinco De Mayo on a Taco Tuesday and since we are 7 weeks in on our "stay at home" order because of the Corona Virus and we all need a cocktail to get through this time. I don't know if it's a cause for a celebration but it's definitely time for drinking alcohol and what's better than tequila?

How are ya'll holding up? It's been stressful to watch the news but also good to spend quality time at home and with the kids, it's a lot of mixed emotions, right? Okay, back to Mexican food for Cinco De Mayo.

If you’ve never had a Paloma Cocktail in your life, you’ve really been missing out. With grapefruit, bubbly club soda, and just enough tequila to make things interesting, you have the perfect spring and summer cocktail on your hands! 

Throw it in a pretty cocktail glass of your choice and you have a sophisticated and refreshing craft cocktail to get you through any situation. So why waste any more time without one in your life, let’s get mixing!


Did you know the margarita isn’t actually Mexico’s most beloved cocktail? I know it’s shocking right? With the margarita being what every Mexican restaurant pushes you’d expect that to be their most popular drink. Once I tried a Paloma, Mexico’s actual most popular cocktail I understood why the margarita got pushed to the side. This Mexican favorite is a mix of tequila, grapefruit, and club soda that makes a perfect thirst-quenching drink you’ll want to sip on all summer long. 

Can you make this a Mocktail?

Yes, you can! I love that this cocktail is more complex because it means you still have a super yummy drink even without the alcohol. The tequila in this Paloma recipe is just a minor player, so if you want to enjoy one without you won’t be missing out on what makes this drink so delicious! There’s no need to add any substitutes or doctor the ratio of ingredients. To make this a mocktail just skip the instruction that says to include the tequila. Now you have a refreshing fun and fruity drink even the kids can enjoy!

How to make simple syrup: Pour equal parts water and sugar into a saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool before using. 

Wet the rim of your glass: When coating a rim you don’t have to use something sticky to get your sugar or salt to stick. Just use the juice from the grapefruit to wet the rim a little. It will be just enough to perfectly coat the top. 

Don’t skimp on the tequila brand: I’m not saying you need to go buy a $100 bottle of tequila, but trust me you don’t want to ruin this Paloma recipe with bottom shelf tequila that will make you gag. Get a mid-level silver tequila (no you shouldn’t swap silver for gold) of your choice for the best results. My new favorite tequila is CasaAmigos!


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Hope you have a great Cinco De Mayo on this Taco Tuesday!

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