The Orginial Los Angeles Flower Market

I love fresh flowers, and I love to shop for my flowers at The Original Los Angeles Flower Market. Once you’re inside the Flower Market, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world with every selection of flowers you can imagine. But getting to the market, you will come face to face with the unnerving reality of the growing homeless population living in DTLA. Something needs to be done to help get the homeless in proper shelters? I not sure what the solution is but we need to find one!

The Original Los Angeles Flower Market has been open since the 1920’s! It is smack dab in the middle of downtown LA’s Flower District surrounded by blocks of other flower markets and vendors. It’s a dream walking around inside the market. And it’s probably a blessing that it’s a bit of a drive for me because I overbuy and overspend every time I’m there!

Why do I love flowers, because they bring the outside in, which does wonders for our mind, body, and spirit. Like the sun, it helps melt away negativity and replaces it with a glow of positivity and energy. The brighter the colors, the more they elevate our mood. The softer the colors, the more they bring us to a relaxed state. Regardless of which colors you pick, they always manage to take the edge off difficult situations. This explains why it’s a commonplace to send flowers when someone is sick or going through hard times. There’s just something about surrounding ourselves with living things that make us feel alive and energized.

This ginormous market (55,000 sq ft y’all) is filled with 50+ vendors selling the best of the best at prices you have to see to believe. Sure, some season specific flowers may be pricey, but many vendors are okay with haggling and will even give you a deal the more you buy! You can find everything from roses to sunflowers, ranunculus to hydrangeas, succulents to potted trees. Seriously they have over 125 different cuts of flowers and plants plus amazing arrangement accessories like vases, rocks, moss and anything else you need to get creative with plants.

Hours of Operation:

The Original Los Angeles Flower Market is open Monday through Saturday—to both the trade and general public—and closed Sunday. Admission Public Admission is $2 on Weekdays and $1 on Saturday. Park on our secure rooftop parking structure or in one of the several inexpensive lots surrounding the market. A limited amount of metered street parking is also available.

I try my best to leave my house at the crack of dawn, and it’s an absolute must for me to hit the flower market before every party I throw for fresh cut flowers to make my different arrangements.Operations Monday & Wednesday Tuesday & Thursday Friday Saturday SundayTrade-only 2am – 8am 5am – 6am 2am – 8am 5am – 6am ClosedPublic 8am – 12pm 6am – 11am 8am – 2pm 6am – 2pm Closed

Do yourself a favor this weekend, go buy some fresh flowers to make yourself happy and bring nature inside your home!

Ali in the Valley

What’s your favorite flower?

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