The Best Guacamole Ever

Updated: Jan 29

The Best Guacamole Ever!  Everybody needs a classic Guacamole Recipe and this is one is the best EVER! It’s great because it’s simple, classic and taste so freaking good! It’s also super easy to make with simple fresh ingredients.

This Best Guacamole Ever is simple, healthy and sure to be a crowd pleaser! Serve it as a dip with tortillas chips or along side tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, avocado toast and whatever else you could think of. The possibilities are endless.

For ingredients, using ripe avocados is key. The skin should be black. When you squeeze it, it should give. If your avocados are green and hard, leave them out on the counter for a few days and allow them to ripen. Then you need to finely dice the red onion and jalapeño. That will help distribute them throughout the guacamole. And who wants to eat a big chunk of raw onion or jalapeño? If you’re not into spice, then you could leave the jalapeño out, but I don’t recommend doing that. This is Mexican guacamole and spicy is everything in Mexican cuisine.

I love guacamole. And I mean L-O-V-E! I could be perfectly happy to eat homemade guacamole every single day. If I need a dip to bring to a party, the best bet is I am making this recipe. Also, if I am making Mexican food, I am 100% making this guacamole recipe to go along with it. If I am making a sandwich, it is always a better sandwich with guacamole slathered on there. Grilling hamburgers? Yup, I’m adding guacamole to that thing! I could literally add guacamole to almost anything and it always makes it better. Save this recipe, because I am positive it will become one of your favorites too!

Bonus: It’s naturally gluten-free and dairy-free so it’s a great recipe to bring to a party no matter what other diets and sensitivities may be!


According to Epicurious, there are 5 tested and proven methods that work to help make your guacamole stay fresh.

  1. First, you can seal it firmly with plastic wrap.

  2. The second method is to add in a lot of extra lime juice before sealing it tightly with saran wrap.

  3. The third way to keep it fresh is to sprinkle lime juice over the top of the guacamole, put the pit of the avocado into the center of the guacamole and then seal it with plastic wrap.

  4. Tip number four is to press olive oil onto the top of the plastic wrap and then firmly seal the plastic wrap over guacamole.

  5. The last tip is to sprinkle a little water over the top of the guacamole after you have pat it down. Firmly seal the plastic wrap over it and you will have fresh green guacamole and not brown!


  1. paring knife

  2. mixing bowl

  3. avocado masher

  4. mortar and pestle

Hope you enjoy this simple, but so necessary, Guacamole Recipe! Once you try it leave a comment below or better yet tag #aliinthevalley on your social media post!

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Make sure to read my tips above for keeping leftover guacamole green and fresh. 

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