Swordfish Puttanesca

Healthy Comfort Food is on the menu! It's crazy times right now and when it gets crazy and you’re not going out to resturants because it's too risky then it's time to put an amazing dish on the table.

This Swordfish Puttanesca recipe is perfect and easy to get on the table quickly. This dish is easy to make with simple, quality ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry and fridge. The key to a puttanesca sauce is that pretty much everything would either be in your pantry or growing in the garden. Fresh herbs, salted capers and anchovies(I didn't use them in this version but throw them in if you like), olives, an onion, maybe a clove of garlic or two. Some canned tomatoes, or fresh ones sitting on the pop

kitchen counter. Maybe a hot chile or three.

The result is powerful. Salty, herby, sour and a little sweet from the tomatoes. It is ideal for a big fish like swordfish but great with tuna or halibut, but will work with any sort of firm, white fish. Play with it.

Try to seek out swordfish if you can, it’s a nice meaty fish, firm to the touch with nice texture and it stands up really well to the strong and bold flavors of the sauce, but if you can’t find it, try a thick piece of cod or any other firm fish you like. Puttanesca sauce is not a delicate sauce by any means it contains briny olives, capers, garlic and spicy red pepper among other things. I like using fresh cherry tomatoes in my puttanesca sauce, they keep their fresh flavor pretty much all year long, I prefer them over canned tomatoes in this dish, to me it really makes a difference in the end result.

I promise you that if you do skip the anchovies like I did in this version, you won’t even miss them in this intensely robust sauce, it’s a winner anyway!

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