Succulent Garden…

I have a new creative obsession, making these wonderful Succulent Garden arrangements. I know what your thinking or what I’m thinking…like I don’t have enough on my plate, but like cooking, it’s super relaxing to me.

It all started on Mother’s day weekend, when the kids were at my Mom’s house for a rare sleepover weekend. My husband asked me what do you want to do for my special day? I said…you’re my slave for the day! Lol…I’m sure he had something else in mind! I sprang into action opening the doors, he got the champagne, I put my favorite music on and I showed him some of my ideas on what kind of Succulent Garden arrangements that I wanted to create. Guess what happened, Tyson absolutely loved making these amazing centerpieces too and as a matter of fact, he took over with a vengeance. Now, the whole family including the kids are making them together and individually, we’re giving them away as gifts to family and friends. I already have my first order to make a few arrangements for a spa!

Growing succulent plants in a container garden is easy and immensely satisfying. Succulent plants come in an amazing array of colors and leafy textures, combining them is fun and interesting. One of the great things about succulents is they look terrific in all kinds of containers, and they are easy to grow. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors that it’s easy to make a beautiful and unique arrangement every time!

We’re adding whatever captures our spiritual intent ito each particular arrangement, from crystals, figurines, candles, incense, fairies and anything else thats of pure beauty. Succulents are beautiful and captivating.

Create your own dish garden with the brilliance of succulents.

Getting Started with Succulents Pots

Always be open to try something new…

Ali in the Valley

Succulent Gardens...

Author: Alison Ball


  1. What you need:

  2. Succulent plants - enough to fill your pot

  3. Plastic window screening paper towel, a coffee filter or a piece of newspaper

  4. Cactus or succulent potting soil or you can make your own by mixing potting soil with vermiculite, perlite or pumice

  5. Container with good drainage

  6. Stones gravel, sea glass or marbles for top dressing

  7. Bright Sunlight


When choosing a container for succulent plants, make sure not to use one that is too big.

Succulents have a shallow root system and prefer shallow pots.

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