Rosé Margarita

Updated: Jan 22

If your idea of a good time includes the phrase “rosé-all-day” then I have the perfect Rosé Margarita recipe for you!

Did you know that Rosé Margaritas are a thing? I know I didn’t and they’re so damn yummy! I got this recipe surfing the web and it’s from Cosmopolitan Magazine. As soon as I found this I knew I absolutely had to share with you! I’ve become a huge rosé fangirl. As they say, rosé all day, right? I love a fresh crisp bottle of Rosé and my new favorite is Josh by Josh Cellars.

Rosé Margaritas are perfect to serve on a fun girls’ night, or at a pool soirée.  They’re really unexpected and so refreshing! I’m a believer in drinking rosé year-round, but especially in the summertime. I’m all for finding new ways to enjoy a fave, so I was definitely interested in a yummy rosé cocktail idea.  Even if you’re not a fan of rosé, I’d recommend giving this one a shot, I think you’ll be surprised.

Making rosé margaritas is simple! Combine one cup each of lime juice and tequila with a cup of simple syrup and one whole bottle of rosé wine in a pitcher. Fill with ice and stir, until the mixture is seriously icy. Pour the contents of the pitcher into a sugar or salt-rimmed glass I’d recommend one that isn’t too sweet so that the cocktail is balanced. Give the drink a stir and TA-DA! Rosé margarita heaven.

And here’s a heads up, it’s National Rosé Day is June 9th. It was first introduced as a National Holiday in 2014 and it has been going strong ever since. It’s gathered quite the fun following in recent years and I thought it deserved to have a margarita all its own! So make sure you give this scrumptious cocktail and try and let me know your thoughts?

Ali in the Valley

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