Quick and Easy Fish Stew

Updated: Jan 29

This Quick and Easy Fish Stew is one of my favourite weeknight meals. It’s quick to make and only requires one pot. I used cod, but any white fish will work here, sole, haddock, and halibut are all great alternatives. For the shellfish, I used shrimp and langoustino which are squat lobsters or hermit crabs, but any shellfish will also work. You can also use clams, crab, lobster, or mussels if they are available. The key to this dish is the flavourful base with onions, garlic, parsley, tomato, clam juice and white wine.

It is one of the most simple recipes, too. Using only one pan makes this delectable stew a perfect weeknight dinner, and clean up is, of course, a breeze. Fish and seafood cook super fast, so they make for a perfect quick dinner. One of our favorite family recipes of all time is this Quick and Easy Fish Stew. It takes less than 30 minutes, start to finish, and is absolutely delicious!

The key ingredient to this stew is clam juice, which they sell in shelf stable 8-ounce jars, so we usually keep a couple in our pantry. Considering the depth of flavor, it is surprisingly healthy and low-fat with only 238 calories.

If you usually like fish stews or stews in general, you must try this, you will love it! And if you don’t usually like stews, you should also try this, because you will love it, too!

Healthy, Hearty and Yummy!

Here’s to a great stew during the summer but also a quick and easy weeknight meal.

Ali in the Valley

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