Parenthood has never been an easy job, more on this at a later time but to my surprise…I arrive home after a long creatively draining day in the studio, rushing from the store to put dinner on the table and the desperate need of wine, to find out over our family dinner that my 8 year old daughter got caught using the f… word with my son and his friend both who are 11! What the ….?

My husband broke the news as I was sipping on my second glass of wine. Guess he knows when to drop the bomb on me that my sweet little girl isn’t so sweet! Actually, if my husband hadn’t walked in the room where the kids we’re playing then we wouldn’t have known that she had such a dirty mouth!

What the …? Okay, why did you use the f…word? Her story was that she was telling my son and his friend that she heard the kids across the street using the f…word! Hmm…My son said that he and his friend were shocked and both covered their ears and told her it wasn’t cool using f…word!

Oh my…Of course I feel somewhat guilty that I wasn’t home, if I was home this would have never happened, yeah right! Or she felt that she needed to show off? Or that she was just a bad ass in disguise?  This is bothering me in so many ways! We discussed how this word was not a word she’ll ever use again and what’s her punishment? We decided first she needs to apologize to my son’s friend immediately and she will not use her IPAD all weekend, our kids are not allowed to use the IPAD during the week anyway unless it’s for school work, so technically no IPAD for 12 days!

Most importantly, I’m pondering the question on why she felt the need to use this word and I have the nagging feeling that she was going for the shock value of using such a bad word? What does this mean?

Pondering Parent…

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