Kids New Schedule

With the current pandemic putting our lives in limbo for who knows how long, it is important for us to create a semblance of normalcy for our children. This can mean anything from school time, to playtime. With crafts and exercises in-between. 

You can create very simple schedules for your kids every day with fun activities and/or free time in-between. 

Here is a schedule I created with my kids last week for some inspo:


Giving Gratitude: We all start the day with giving thanks and blessing for the gift of life, food, shelter, love and being healthy. One of us will light incense as we listen to mantra music preparing for our day.

Breakfast - in the mornings I have been making my family and I simple breakfasts, usually consisting of eggs and toast or a acai bowl for the kids and I'll have a protein shake.

Next is our daily vitamins which consist of powder vitamin C, Immunity and Juice Plus herbs that keep us healthy. (I posted this on my instagram story under lifestyle).

Schoolwork/work time - I bring the kids into my office with me for the rest of the morning, I will do my work and make phone calls, while they work on their school work. 



Chores - Aliyah and I have begun working in my garden for springtime. Her and her brother will also feed the dogs in our dog rescue, clean their rooms, do laundry or whatever other chores they have for that day.

Daily Exercise-Either we go hiking as a family in the morning or we hit our gym together at least 3 to 4 times a week. Aliyah will work on her volleyball skills at this time as well sometimes with us all helping her or she works on her skills solo.

Cook dinner together - I am using this at home time to teach my children how to cook. We pick simple meals and I guide them through how to cook it.


At night we spend time watching a funny movie to let off the stress of the world.

Tyler will work on his music for a few hours a night.

Now is a crazy time for all of us, but we can try to make the craziness feel normal at least in our own homes.

I hope you find this schedule helpful!



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