How I'm Staying Present in a Crazy Time

The world is a crazy place right now. Everyday we all tune in to see if the nightmare is over yet. From businesses and schools closing to whole cities shutting down, it's sometimes hard to believe that the world is not ending. But through it all we have to stay present in our own lives and keep hope for our world, that we will prevail and beat the virus that threatens us.

To help with those who have felt down, anxious, and scared, I wanted to share some of the things I have been doing to feel at peace right now. Even if it's peace at small moments throughout the day, they do add up. You can take some of these activities and make them your own, just make sure you are finding times throughout the day where you can feel happy and at peace. It's important for our health that we are not in a constant fight or flight mode, and are able to feel calm even if it's only for a moment.

The activities that are bringing me calm and presence in this crazy time:

  1. Keeping a schedule - I am the type of person who thrives in a schedule. I need time for work, times for hanging out with my kids, and times for working out. I write small schedules for each day with my kids. If you're looking for an example you can check out my blog post: Kids New Schedule

  2. Taking Vitamin C supplements - I have been taking vitamin c supplements and having my family do the same to keep us all healthy throughout this period. This gives me a sense of calm knowing that I am doing my best to remain healthy!

  3. Hiking with my kids - Being cooped up inside all day can make anyone crazy. So to curb the cabin fever I've been taking weekly hikes with my family. They've closed down the national and state parks now, but we can still go up in the hills behind my house. A little sunshine will do everyone some good!

  4. Working out - Before the pandemic broke out I was training with a personal trainer to reach my goal weight. Though his offices are now closed, I work out at home every day. Working out gets you out of your head and into your body, which is what we all need right now! If you don't have an at-home gym, you can always join an online workout class or do workouts with bodyweight! I've even seen people lifting cases of water bottles in place of weights on social media 😉

  5. Gardening - Gardening has always been a favorite past time of mine, and I'm really enjoying all the extra time I get to spend in the soil with my new seedlings. You can start with one pot of flowers or even create a whole garden, but this is an activity that will get you out of the house and into the sun! If you don't know how or would like some tips you can check out my blogs: Spring Vegetable Garden and Plant a Cocktail Garden

  6. Cooking more meals for my family - With more time at home, and less going out to eat, I've gotten to really dive into my all-time favorite hobby which is cooking meals for my family! This is something that can be calming for anyone, you can check out my recipes for some ideas, and Check out my new cooking videos every Wednesday on my social media pages: Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook for even more delicious new ideas to try!

I hope this list is helpful and gives you some new ideas to get out of your head and into the present in these crazy times! It's so important for us to find happiness and joy, even when the world seems dark.

Comment and let me know what you've been doing to stay present in the last few weeks!



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