Honey Lemon Chicken…

Happy Hump Day! Today’s recipe is my favorite Honey Lemon Chicken! Everybody needs new chicken recipes, right? My Honey Lemon Chicken kicks ass! This is the best of the best when it comes to a quick, fast and tasty recipe. My kids favorite chicken recipe hands down! I make this at least three times a month when I run out of ideas or just to keep in the refrigerator for a quick on the go meal. The lemon and honey marinates the chicken perfectly! Trust me add this to your favorite chicken recipes list!

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Honey Lemon Chicken...

Tasty Honey Lemon Chicken

Prep Time10 mins

Cook Time25 mins

Total Time35 mins

Course: dinner

Servings: 4

Author: Alison Ball


  1. 4 lg. chicken breast halves skinned, flattened

  2. 1/3 c. honey

  3. 1/4 c. lemon juice

  4. 1/4 c. lemon zest

  5. 2 tbsp. boiling water

  6. 1 tsp. Essence or Seasoning salt seasoning

  7. 1 tbs. extra virgin olive oil

  8. parsley and lemon zest for garnish optional

  9. Essence Seasoning:

  10. 2 1/2 tablespoons paprika

  11. 2 tablespoons salt

  12. 2 tablespoons garlic powder

  13. 1 tablespoon black pepper

  14. 1 tablespoon onion powder

  15. 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

  16. 1 tablespoon dried leaf oregano

  17. 1 tablespoon dried thyme

  18. Combine all ingredients thoroughly and store in an airtight jar or container.


Wash chicken breasts and pat dry. Pound chicken flat. Place in Pyrex baking dish and sprinkle essence seasoning on top. Add boiling water to honey, and stir well. Then add lemon juice and lemon zest. Spoon over chicken breasts, pour evenly olive oil on top of chicken and cover baking dish lightly with aluminum foil. Bake at 325 degrees until just done. Remove aluminum foil and baste the chicken and continue cooking and basting until browned. Serve chicken and sauce. Garnish with parsley and lemon zest.

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