Grilled Chicken & Veggies, and everything else…

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means Summer is quickly approaching. Here is a simple version of Grilled Chicken & Veggies, and everything else.  Grilling time is on, and I am grilling everything I can think of.  LOL! I gotta stay healthy – mind, body and soul – and a great way to accomplish this is by feeding your body grilled vegetables! No longer reserved only for meat-focused mainstays, grills are being used to cook up amazing assortments of vegetables for side dishes and entrees, too.

I am a big fan of grilled vegetables. You can dish them up in a pinch on a busy weeknight or serve them to a crowd at your next Summer party. From crisp salads to colorful medleys, these versatile grilled vegetable recipes are quick, low-cal, and delicious. Caramelizing flames and a touch of smoke do wonders for vegetables.

Here is the simplest recipe in the world. Gather all of your vegetables and throw them on the indoor or outdoor grill with olive oil, salt and pepper, and presto! Yummy in your tummy!  Please make sure to try this simple, but divine grilled vegetable recipe as your main course dinner or as a side dish.  But if you need some meat, then grill organic chicken to go with it! I threw eggplant, avocados, zucchinis, red onions and whatever else I could find on the grill and got my grub on!

I am giving praise and thanks to the fallen soldiers that have helped keep our country safe!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Ali in the Valley

Grilling Chicken & Veggies

Healthy and easy grilled chicken and vegetables.

  1. 4 pounds of your favorite chicken parts (legs, thighs, wings, breasts skin-on)

  2. 1 cup barbecue sauce (store bought)

  3. 1 eggplant (sliced in rounds)

  4. 2 avocados (halved and pit removed)

  5. 4 ears of corn (do not shuck (or 2½ cups frozen corn for the non-grill option))

  6. 1 5- inch long zucchini (sliced in half lengthwise)

  7. ½ cup chopped red onion

  8. ½ cup chopped cilantro

  9. 1 teaspoon ground cumin (best if you toast whole cumin seeds then grind)

  10. 2 Tbsp olive oil

  11. 2 Tbsp lime juice

  12. Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

  1. Coat the chicken pieces with olive oil and sprinkle salt & pepper over them on all sides. Prepare your grill for high, direct heat. If you are using charcoal or wood, make sure there is a cool side to the grill where there are fewer coals. Lay the chicken pieces skin side down on the hottest side of the grill in order to sear the skin side well. Grill for 5-10 minutes, depending on how hot the grill is (you do not want the chicken to burn). Once you have a good sear on one side, move the chicken pieces to the cooler side of the grill, or, if you are using a gas grill, lower the heat to medium low. Cover the grill and cook undisturbed for 20-30 minutes.

  2. Turn the chicken pieces over and baste them with with your favorite barbecue sauce. Cover the grill again and allow to cook for another 30 minutes. Repeat, turning the chicken pieces over, basting them with sauce, covering, and cooking for another 30 minutes. By now the chicken should be cooked through. You can check with a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the chicken piece. Look for 165°F for breasts and 170°F for thighs. Or insert the tip of a knife into the middle of the thickest piece, the juices should run clear. If the chicken isn’t done, turn the pieces over and continue to cook at a low temperature. If you want , you can finish with a sear on the hot side of the grill. To do this, put the pieces, skin side down, on the hot side of the grill. Allow them to sear and blacken slightly for a minute or two. Paint with more barbecue sauce and serve.

  3. Vegetables: Rub a little olive oil, salt and pepper all over the vegetables except the corn. Place the corn (in their husks) and all other vegetables directly on the grill grates. Cover the grill. Turn corn occasionally, so that every part of the husk is blackened. Turn the other vegetables occasionally until the skin has blistered up all around it. This should take 15 to 20 minutes. Drizzle lime juice all over the vegetables and chicken. Eat with your hands only!

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