Getting Back Into the Swing of Working Out!

Like most people, I do have to retain a workout routine and I am usually very good at doing so.

But since I returned back form Nashville, 2 weeks ago, I just haven’t felt it. Like most of us I struggle with just getting back into the routine once it is broken. I’ve been so busy with my kids, volleyball tournaments, my son’s track and field, the end of the school year that I fell of the wagon. I have not been back to my spin class, my yoga class, my pilates classes, or even lifted weights. I know that others can relate to this problem of getting so caught up in life that we forget to take care of our own bodies!

This week, I have to get back on it. Please wish me luck. I have to get back into my routine. Because if not with the way I cook, I tend to put on weight fast!

So wish me luck! This weekend I have my son’s birthday party. But hopefully by Tuesday (since this is Memorial Day weekend) I will be back into the swing of things.

Let’s keep each other accountable for our workouts! I will post to my Instagram and Facebook stories everyday what I have done to be active, and you can respond with what you have done too!

We can do this together (: If you want to participate, post to your Instagram story that you are doing the Ali in the Valley Workout challenge and hashtag it #aliinthevalleyworkoutchallenge

Use this hashtag everyday next week when you get your few minutes of being active in!

Can’t wait to see you in the stories!!

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