Fig Thyme Cocktail

Updated: Jan 29

’m celebrating the weekend with this Fig Thyme Cocktail. I’ve been a busy little bee 🐝 lately and have so much going here at Ali in the Valley (announcements coming soon) as well as my kids going back to school and readjusting to our hectic schedules.  In my household, everybody needs to be somewhere or do something and of course I’m the overseer/organizer of everything and everybody or shit don’t get done properly. You feel me? 🥺 How do we Mom’s get it all done? Oh, by drinking great cocktails afterwards to celebrate our small accomplishments, of course. 💃🏽 So here’s to this delicious but very well earned Fig Thyme Cocktail!

If you know me, then you know I am slightly obsessed with figs. I’ve definitely mentioned this before on the blog, but you don’t hear about them too often because fig season is pretty short. I’ve been pretty lucky to have had a fig tree at my old home and I just recently planted two figs trees in my edible cocktail garden here in Chatsworth. I’m super excited because my cocktail garden produced these figs as well as thyme growing in my cocktail garden and both are used in this yummy Fig Thyme Cocktail.

If you follow me then you know, I am constantly on the lookout for interesting, unusual cocktail ingredients. Especially those of the seasonal produce variety. I love browsing the farmer’s market or picking from my garden one or two items to use for an unusual cocktail. Well, it’s August, which means we’ve officially entered fig season here in California. My new trees didn’t produce a lot of figs but just enough to make this flavorful cocktail.

So, Right now it’s time for me to grab the ingredients and mix up one of the most deliciously complex, yet easy-to-make cocktails of the season. It’s Fig Thyme . . . I couldn’t resist!

This is the perfect cocktail to bridge the gap between summer and fall, when you still might want something refreshing, but not so summery. The fig and thyme combo actually pair amazingly together!

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