Epic Pool Party…

This is how you give an Epic Pool Party!  

We gave our daughter Aliyah a graduation and birthday extravaganza in celebration for graduating from Lanai Road Elementary School and her 11th Birthday! A huge task to take on …but well worth it, now that it’s over and no major accidents! Thank Goodness!

The Party Details: Aliyah’s 11th Birthday and Graduation Pool Party that included close to 70 kids plus some parents in our backyard for the last day of school after the 5th graders walked their last walk out of school ! Of course we had to invite all three 5th grades classes.

Why? Aliyah hasn’t had a big party for her Birthday since kinder-garden and I felt guilty because her actual birthday is June 15th, which is right after school let’s out and all her friends are usually gone on vacation.  I promised her last year that it was her turn to have the party of her dreams as long as she worked hard in school, which she did.  I tried my best to get out of this crazy idea to have the whole 5th grade over for a big pool party. I offered a bowling party, a party at the hotel down the street, and a few other locations than our home pool, but she said NO! “I want the party at our home!”   So what does a Mom do but roll up her sleeves and get busy getting it together in 10 days. Yep, you read correctly. 10 days! Lol! Let’s Go!

The Invitation: I gave printed invites to Aliyah’s classmates but then sent Evite invitations to the parents to  get an accurate head count on who was attending the party or not?

“printed version for kids”

Aliyah Kilmer’s 11th Birthday & Graduation Party

Hosted by:

Alison & Tyson Kilmer


Friday, June 9 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM


Aliyah’s House

Ali in the Valley

Pool Party Requirements:

  1. Life Guards: The absolute most important necessity for any pool party safety is to hire licensed life guards. I hired two lifeguards due to the size of the crowd.  Not cheap, but don’t even think about not having your back covered.  My Life Guards were $50.00 per hour for 4 hours at $200.00 total cost. From 1 to 5  for two was $400.00 plus $20 tip each $440.00 total!

  2. Towels: Kids forget to bring their towels so always buy extra towels.  I bought 10 extra towels at Walmart for $3.00 each which cost $30.00 total.  I would have bought more but I have plenty towels for swimming on hand but each summer I add a few more towels.

  3. Goggles: Extra swim goggles are great, not necessary but, I bought extra swimming googles in bulk at Big Lots for 3 in a pack for $10, I bought 3 packs for $30.00 total.

  4. Sun Screen: Kids need Sunscreen. I bought a package of 3 for $10.00 total.

  5. Pool Floats: Pool floats are all the rage this year so I bought one big, super cute Swan Float that all the kids could take a picture on along with a variety of floats.  I got the best deal on my pool floats at Walmart. I got the big Swan float for  $10.00, that was the cheapest compare to all the other stores. I spent total on $100 dollars on 10 floats, kid pools for lounging, air mattress for laying in the yard, bubbles, and water balloons.

Theme: Our theme touched lightly on a carnival or circus. We had old fashion peanuts, an old fashion popcorn machine, cotton candy, and delicious fried food.  We did a good job incorporating all of these delicious foods along with some healthier options as well, such as cups of fresh fruit and corn of the cob!

Decorations: Red and white checkered table cloths on food tables creates the illusion of a circus or carnival without taking up too much space! I also added Happy Birthday and Graduation Balloons to capture the carnival theme.

Food & Drinks: Aliyah wanted all her favorite foods for her party! Okay, no problem, but I decided to put this crazy party on the week I had two kids graduating, my birthday, end of the school year celebrations, and my regular crazy work schedule. Yes, I have a cooking blog…. and no I didn’t cook!

Here’s the menu:

Fried Chicken: I bought 100 pieces of delicious deep fried chicken from our local Ralph’s for $99.00 you can not beat that price on time, sweat and great fried chicken.

Mac and Cheese: I usually always make the mac and cheese but this time I bought Aliyah’s favorite Trader Joe’s mac and cheese and served it in small individual cups.

Hot Dogs: I cooked Hebrew hot dogs in my crockpot which was so easy and cooked perfectly and stayed warm the whole party.

Mama and Papa’s Pizza: If I’m hosting a big party for kids then Mama and Papa’s pizza is on the menu and it’s always a wow factor if you have never had or seen their pizza. It’s a oversized pizza that always taste great.  I ordered one Papa size pepperoni and cheese pizza and one Mama cheese pizza.

Fresh Fruit Salad: I always make fresh fruit salad that I cut up myself the night before than add them to individual cups.

Fresh Salad: I ordered a large green salad from Mama and Papa’s for the Vegetarians.

Watermelon on a Stick:

Junk Food: Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Assortment of Chips, Cheese Balls

Candy Bar for Everyone!

Sangria, White Wine and Margaritas for Adults Only !

Cold Stone: Ice cream cake $97.00

Popcorn Machine $57.00 for the day

Activities: swimming, a wet bouncer slide and water balloons.

Modular Bouncer Slide $ 170.00 for the day 

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