Easy Steak Salad

Updated: Jan 29

My Easy Steak Salad recipe is my take on what’s called Shaking BeefWhat’s Shaking Beef, you ask? 🤔 Cubes of beef tenderloin are super tender in this wonderfully spiced and elegant Vietnamese classic. It’s called “shaking beef” because you shake the pan to toss the beef while cooking it.

Shaking beef is a Vietnamese cross between a beef stir-fry and a watercress salad. In Vietnam, this classic is named for how the meat is tossed in the pan, it is usually made with tough, overcooked beef cuts. I used sirloin steak tips for their beefy flavor and pleasant chewy texture. We first marinated the meat in a mixture of soy sauce, fish sauce, and molasses and then reserved the marinade to make the glaze. We coated the meat with oil (to prevent splattering) and then cooked it in two batches to give it ample room in the skillet.

True to the dish’s name, we shook and stirred the beef to develop good browning and to deglaze the skillet, which prevented the fond from burning. After setting aside the meat, we lightly softened a red onion in butter, added the reserved marinade (along with garlic, water, and cornstarch) to the skillet, and cooked it down to a glossy consistency. We coated the meat with the sauce and then placed it atop the arugula, watercress or any greens you like, which had been lightly dressed with a mixture of rice vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Feel free to change it up to your taste but in general this is a yummy easy to make Shaking Beef aka Steak Salad!

Oh…Every now and then we need some meat! 😋

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