Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad

The perfect Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad Recipe…I know, I know…I’ve have been a super duper busy bee, but I have some really exciting stuff happening! Until I can divulge all that is going on…I’m back with this super-simple salad recipe which is perfect for when you need to stay on a diet regime, like me.  I’ll be wrapping up 1 month of pure craziness in a few days, i think, i hope or maybe not? Then I can sit down for a nice chat about all that is happening…but until then — LET’S EAT!

The glorious thing about salads is that you can toss in just about anything you have on hand and call it a day. Feel free to try it with fresh crumbled feta, chopped red onion, and any other extras your heart desires. Sometimes I’ll even chop up a red bell pepper (in addition to the green) for a burst of natural sweetness. Let your palate be your guide.

Also, let’s pretend I didn’t try to get overly fancy with my avocado and fan it out in slices instead of chopping it up for the salad.

Our family’s favorite classic cucumber and tomato salad just got better with the addition of avocado, a light and flavorful lemon dressing and you can always add the freshness of cilantro. Easy, excellent Cucumber Tomato Avocado salad.

What’s your favorite salad? Let me know…

Ali in the Valley

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad

  1. 1 lb Roma tomatoes

  2. 1 English cucumber

  3. 1/2 medium red onion (sliced)

  4. 2 avocados (diced)

  5. 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil

  6. Juice of 1 medium lemon (about 2 Tbsp)

  7. 1/2 jalapano thinly sliced

  8. 1 tsp sea salt or 3/4 tsp table salt

  9. 1/8 tsp black pepper

  1. Place chopped tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sliced red onion, diced avocado, and sliced jalenpano into a large salad bowl. Drizzle with 2 Tbsp olive oil and 2 Tbsp lemon juice. Toss gently to combine. Just before serving toss with 1 tsp sea salt and 1/8 tsp black pepper

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