Cast-Iron Filet Mignon for Valentine’s Day!

Updated: Jan 24

After 20 years together…What do you do for Valentine’s Day? I cooked my husband his favorite dinner which is a juicy Cast-Iron Filet Mignon and Veggies (no carbs) because we’re staying on our healthy food regime and our favorite cocktail which is a Dirty Vodka Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.

Here’s my latest youtube video on making Cast-Iron Filet Mignon for Valentine’s Day!


Romantic dinners are a staple of Valentine’s Day! Why fight the masses for a night out with your significant other when you can get some quality time and a tasty meal without leaving home? This Cast-Iron Filet Mignon recipe will give you the feel of a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant all in the comfort of your own space. Best part? No reservation required! Here is a simple but tasty romantic dinners everyone can enjoy!

Nothing screams romantic dinner quite like filet. The pros say to cook it medium rare to assure the best flavors. Add asparagus and brussel sprouts and you’ll have the perfect meal!

This Salt-Fried Cast Iron Steak is the Bomb! No oil is needed to sauté these steaks—the juices from the meat mix with the salt to form a delicious crusty coating that prevents them from sticking to the pan. There are plenty of ways to cook filet mignon but this is by far my favorite. If you go out to a nice steakhouse then this is most likely the method they are using to cook your filet. High heat and real butter, I didn’t add the butter because we’re sticking to our healthier version. I did make a mushroom and wine sauce that I layered on top of the meat.

If you don’t have a cast iron skillet, you need to get one. A cast iron skillet is a beautiful thing, and you’ll find yourself using it to brown meat for stews, fried chicken, and whatever else you can think of.

First things first, always take your meat out of the fridge about a half an hour before cooking. Then the rules are simple, buy great piece of meat, dry it well (to maximize crust), then salt and sear them in an insanely hot, preferably cast-iron pan. The recipe here is a radical departure from the conventional wisdom on steak, which commands you to salt the meat beforehand, put it on the heat and then leave it alone. Instead, you should salt the pan (not the meat) and flip the steak early and often. This combination of meat, salt, heat and cast-iron produces super-crusty and juicy steak — no grilling, rubbing, or aging required.

Open the window, and crank up the vent while it’s searing on top of the stove and be ready for billowing clouds of smoke…it’s the price you pay for a great steak. When the meat is cooked to your liking, let it rest covered for about 10 more minutes. This step is very important, and too often overlooked. The meat juices will run to the hotter exterior during the cooking, and if you cut into it before these juices have had a chance to redistribute back throughout the meat, they will all run out, very sadly, onto the plate; and your beautiful steak will never be what it could have been.

I am of the opinion that going out to eat on Valentine’s Day is not always good. Staying home is cheaper and quieter, and you can totally wear pajamas if you want!

Instead of stressing out over reservations, spend your time and energy on cooking (or ordering in) a meal. And while you’re at it, make something fun and festive for your table for Valentine’s! Here’s some cute ideas to be help create the festive mood for you and your love ones.

1. Valentine’s Centerpiece

2. Valentine’s Ice Cubes

3. A Mini Dessert Tray

4. Heart-shaped fruit

Here’s to keeping the romance at home and money in your pocket for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ali in the Valley

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