Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta

Updated: Feb 29

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Brussels Sprouts skillet roasted to perfection with crispy pancetta, avocado, garlic and a tangy juice of lime. So good, healthy and yummy, a perfect combination!

I love me some Brussel Sprouts and these crispy skillet Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta, Lime, Avocado & Garlic are the absolute BOMB! This is one of my go-to recipes, easy to make, very delicious and always a crowd favorite.

Trust me, your family will love this delicous crispy skillet Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta, Lime, Avocado & Garlic recipe, just like my family. As soon as I start making these tasty bites everyone comes running to the kitchen.

All you need is these simple ingredients of pancetta (in place of bacon) garlic, lime, avocado, red chili peppers with truffle oil (or olive oil) salt and pepper or my essence seasoning.

I'm well aware not everyone loves Brussels Sprouts but please keep and open mind because this recipe is worth a try and everyone who tries this dish is in shock how good these brussel sprouts taste. Actually, I love these little baby cabbages because they’re so good for you, easy to cook and super healthy.

Most people blanched the brussel sprouts before cooking them on the stove top BUT not me...I cook them right on the stove top and skip the blanching and they always come out perfect.

And fyi, they pancetta is less fatting than bacon so another win for this crispy Skillet Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta is Bacon & Garlic Butter but if you're a traditional bacon person no fret use bacon instead of pancetta both are delicious. I used pancetta just to do something different but you can always use bacon is that's what you perfer. I always wanted change things up in my recipes and the pancetta worked extremely well.

What to you serve with crispy Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta, Lime, Avocado and Garlic?

A perfect side dish to go with my last post Honey Garlic Pork Chops or how about Garlic Roasted Prime Rib!

Information on Brussels Sprouts: Forerunners to modern Brussels sprouts were likely cultivated in ancient Rome. Brussels sprouts as we now know them were grown possibly as early as the 13th century in what is now Belgium. Brussels sprouts are a cultivar of the same species that includes cabbage, collard greens, broccoli, kale, and kohlrabi; they are cruciferous (they belong to the Brassicaceae family; old name Cruciferae). They contain good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and dietary fibre. Moreover, they are believed to protect against colon cancer, because they contain sinigrin.

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